There are several factors that affect catering pricing. While many might consider only the food and number of guests, several other elements come into play. This article aims to help you understand our pricing structure. Sometimes people want to reduce the number of dishes to lower their costs. While we can accommodate such requests, the price reduction may not be significant due to fixed costs. While other food providers may operate differently, these are the factors we consider when sending you a quote.

1. Fixed Costs

Fixed costs are unavoidable expenses that apply to every event, regardless of the number of guests or the menu chosen. These include:

Manpower: We always have a dedicated team for each event, including kitchen staff, waiters, drivers, and dispatchers. For instance, whether your event is for 10 people or 50 people, there will always be at least 2 waiters (1 for every 20 guests), 1 driver, 1 cook, and 1 dispatcher working to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Utilities: The cost of electricity or gas remains constant whether we are baking a dish for 5 people or 50 people. Our equipment usage doesn’t significantly change with the number of guests.

Mobilization:Every event requires transportation, involving 1 or 2 drivers and a van or truck. Additionally, the cost of fuel is a constant expense, particularly considering the notorious Manila traffic.

Rentals: While we have enough equipment and vehicles to cater to several hundred guests and multiple events simultaneously, there are times when we need to rent additional items, such as Tiffany chairs, from third-party suppliers. This also applies to extra trucks needed for hauling.

2. Food Costs

Typically, one-third of our pricing is allocated to food costs. Reducing the number of dishes does not significantly impact food costs because our menu and process are designed to ensure larger portions per dish when there are fewer dishes. This approach ensures that your guests are well-fed and satisfied.

3. Miscellaneous Expenses

Several additional expenses contribute to our pricing, including, but are not limited to:

- Disposables: Plates, cups, and cutlery.

- Parking: Costs associated with event venues.

- Fresh centerpieces: Floral arrangements and other decor.

- Laundry: Cleaning all linens used during the event.

- Containers: Providing containers for any leftover food.

4. Taxes and Salaries

We adhere to all relevant tax regulations and follow minimum wage requirements for our staff. This ensures that our team is fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication.

Conclusion Understanding the various factors that influence catering pricing can help you make more informed decisions when planning your event. While food and guest count are significant, fixed costs, food preparation, miscellaneous expenses, and compliance with taxes and salaries all play a crucial role. We strive to be transparent and fair in our pricing to provide the best possible service for your event. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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