Frequently Asked Questions

Can you serve food brought by our guests?

Yes, we can serve food brought by your guests. However, there is a food handling fee, which includes providing serving plates/containers and plates and utensils, if needed.

Do you have packages that include a host/soundsystem/LED wall?

No, but we can refer you to our trusted partner suppliers who offer these services. You can transact with them directly, ensuring clear communication and accountability for their services.

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

If you cancel the reservation and the event date is more than 7 days away, we will retain the reservation fee as well as any expenses made in preparation for your event which may include contracted labor, special, orders, rentals, etc. If you cancel the Agreement within five to three days before the event, we will retain 50% of deposits as well as any expenses made in preparation for your event which may include contracted labor, special, orders, rentals, etc. If you cancel the Agreement 2 days before the event, you will have to pay the full event costs as per the bid, with no refunds applicable.

How many days before the event can I modify the menu/contract?

We strongly discourage last-minute changes to events. Therefore, no modifications will be accepted within one week of the event.

What happens in the event of breakages?

If an item is broken, the client will be responsible for either: 1. Paying the market cost of the item. 2. Replacing the broken item with one of the same make and model.

Do you accept credit cards?

We prioritize offering the best prices possible and avoiding credit card fees helps us keep our costs low and pass those savings on to our customers.

Are there any hidden charges I should be aware of?

Our final price will always be stated on the Contract Agreement UNLESS, there are other requests by you or other expenses incurred by the caterer from the catering event. This includes but not limited to last minute requests for additional tables and chairs and or other equipment, request for an event extension, undisclosed staircase hauling, gate entrance fees, etc.

Can you style my whole event?

Yes and no. We can style your event to a certain extent., It depends really on your theme or your vision for your event. If you want an extremely lavish event, with full flowers and ceiling treatment, a professional stylist and/or florist is needed. And depending on the coverage of your stylist, we can adjust our catering prices from there.

Can we request for additional tables and chairs?

Yes. Please note that any additional equipment outside of what is stated in the package inclusions and/or the contract will be subject to our rental fees. Please consult with your Account Executive.

How long is the event service?

Our event service hours is 4 hours for the Deluxe Package and a maximum of 5 hours for the SignaturePackage. This duration does not include ingress and eggress (setting up and dismantling).

How much time do you need for setting up?

It will depend on the requirements needed for the event. Usually, 3 hours for events that do not include tables and chairs, 4 hours for Essential Package Events, and ideally 4 – 5 hours for Grand Events.

Do you have a food buffer?

Yes. We will have enough food for all your guests stated on the contract.

Can you accommodate our guests with special diets?

Yes and no. Our special diet menu has a minimum order requirement of 10 pax. Any less, you, the client, can order a special diet dish from a third party and our wait staff will gladly plate it and serve it to your guest(s).

We haven’t finalized the headcount. Can we get back to you on that?

Yes, but we require that the guestcount be finalized at least a week before the event. Please be reminded that changes in guestcount may or may not affect the Total Contract Price.

What happens to the leftover food?

Any unpacked leftover food will be brought to our commissary to be disposed of by the our staff. We highly encourage you to bring tupperware or food containers in case of any leftover food items.

Can you layout our event?

While we can help you plan your layout particularly with the dining area, we fully expect you and/or your coordinator to give the final placements of the different elements in your event (ex. bride and groom table, suppliers’ table, etc).

Can you do an ocular visit?

Ocular visits are determined by our Captain Waiter if necessary (usually for odd shaped venues, high guestcount, multiple event booths, Signature Package events, etc). We have catered to hundreds of venues and our team has mastered layouting the area upon arrival. We may ask you to send photos of the venue if there is any space limitation and we will evaluate from there.

Do you conduct food tastings?

Yes. For more information about our food tasting guidelines, please consult with your respective account representative.

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